The Company was founded in 1983, starting its activities in plastic seal injection.

In 1986 began the production of premium products and the development of products in the area of packaging and automation.

In the late 90´s we invested in the food market, reaching the level of excellence in this market. We invested in new machinery and fabric adaptations.

Today we develop products that require high productivity, new products in the premium area, packaging in general, etc..

We have our own tooling in climatized environment, with high quality tecnological equipments: CAD - CAM software and CNC machines, for molding with hot runner and tools.

In the project and development of new products, it is possible to demonstrate everything in 3D and  quick prototyping, facilitating the spacial visualization of the piece, giving us, this way, better versatility to reach the final product.

get presentation´s download here: Interject´s Presentation